Ornate Box Turtle
Terrapene ornata

Size:  6-8 in (along carapace)

Nearly statewide, but population levels decrease in the east, therefore it is sometimes referred to as the western box turtle.  There are two species of box turtles in Oklahoma, the three-toed box turtle, Terrapene carolina, and the ornate box turtle. The ornate has a flatter, more boxed dome and the belly tends to be highly patterned, or ornate, hence the name.

Box turtles are omnivorous, preferring to feed on fruits and vegetation during the day. Like their close relatives the tortoises, they are excellent burrowers, highly territorial, and have relatively long lifespans. Although they do well in captivity, it is discouraged to remove them from the wild due to their territoriality and longevity. 

Ornate pattern on plastron.