Gray Tree Frog
Hyla versicolor/chrysoscelis

Size:  1 1/4 - 2 inches

Eastern 1/2 of the state.  The gray tree frogs are usually gray in color with lighter gray markings to blend in with a lichen-covered tree, but are highly adaptable and capable of blending in to a multitude of different habitat types.  Like a chameleon, these frogs can change their colors depending on mood, temperature, and to blend in with their environment. They have large toe pads to help them cling to various surfaces, including smooth leaves and glass.

The gray tree frog complex is comprised of two species, Hyla chrysoscelis (Cope's Gray Tree Frog, below) and Hyla versicolor (Eastern Gray Tree Frog, above).  The ranges of both species overlap to a large degree within the state and are identical in appearance.  The only sure ways to tell them apart are by their calls and by DNA analysis. 

The Cope's gray tree frog (H. chrysoscelis, pictured above) is the only gray tree frog species that can be solid green. The eastern gray tree frog may be mostly green, but will always have a slight pattern on its back.