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My 2-year Old Pictures
Daddy decorated my cake himself .
My cousin Aubri and I play dressup together.
Daddy and I love to fish together. This is my first fish.
I carried the worms from the pond.
My daddy and I also love meaningful conversation.*
Does this hat match the outfit?*
I am just playing peek-a-boo in some curtains.*
More peek-a-boo!*
This is my daddy's favorite picture.*
Still in the curtains.*
Curtains are just too much fun!*
My daddy and I are best buds.*
Natural Falls State Park is a great place to make faces at mommy.
Playing with a green tree frog at Sequoyah State Park.
I'm learning to hunt snakes with daddy.
I love this family picture.*
Jump and...
I saw the Haygoods in Branson. It was my first concert.
I even got my picture taken with Patrick, Catherine, and Michael Haygood.
Pinwheels are fascinating toys.*
I feel safe when daddy is around.*
I love my little brother.*
Intrigued by nature.*
Beautiful little girl.*
All photos denoted with (*) have been taken by Andrea Marie Photography, 2008.